I am a highly skilled and experienced television cameraman based in South East England. With a diverse range of experience across live television, news, current affairs, sport, drama, cooking, music, light entertainment, and corporate projects, I bring a wealth of expertise to every shoot. I have worked on some of the most demanding and high-pressure productions, both in-studio and on-location, and have a reputation for delivering top-quality footage under any circumstances. In addition to my extensive experience, I have also operated remote head PTZ setups for prestigious clients such as Channel 4 and Amazon. Please explore my website to learn more about my skills, services, and how I can help make your next production a success. 


I own the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro 4.6k, which can be set up with either a B4 par focal Canon zoom, or a range of Canon and Sigma EF lenses. Should you need a smaller, or more discrete form factor camera, then my Sony A7s 3 will perform brilliantly. With its excellent high frame rates and astonishing low light capabilities it can operate as capably as any of its larger cousins.


I am available to work as a Camera Operator, Lighting Cameraman or DOP with or without equipment hire.

My kit includes all the necessary tools you should need for a single camera shoot including Lenses, cameras, ancillaries and camera support; however if you require any other lighting, sound or specialist equipment, it can be hired at competitive rates. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


               Dan Godding
            Director of operations at PGA Europro Tour

                     "He is extremely dedicated to making the programme the excellent 

                      production that it is and he is a very skilled and talented camera 



                    dan haddon


                      MD at White Label Media Solutions


                      "Christian has a genuine enthusiasm for camerawork and a broad 

                       knowledge of the technical side to his craft. Cheerful talented and happy 

                       to muck in, it has always been a pleasure to work with him" 


                Richard Jolly                     
             Richard Jolly TV

                      "The production company expected very high standards ( it was founded 

                       by one of Mexicos best known cinematographers ) but Christian exceeded

                       their expectations. 

                       After the shoot the producer took the trouble to tell me that they were 

                       particularly pleased with his creative work" 


                      glenn street

             Independent Media Production Professional

 "Christian is a top-notch operator with a great attitude. Always willing to go the extra  mile with a smile, he's a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team. I've known and worked with him for years and couldn't recommend him highly enough."


        Jon Lord
 Lighting Cameraman, Consultant

      " His strengths will complement every team, & enhance any project."


        Martyn Coates

             Freelance, Director & Vision Mixer

                      "Christian is a hard working keen camera op. 

                        Always willing to help improve shots and a delight to work with."


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