A small showcase promo for the charity, Sussex Green Living. Different from much of my other work, in that I took on the multiple roles of Director/Lighting camera operator/ Editor and Colourist. This was shot in one afternoon, without any prep regarding location and setting - working on the fly to achieve the charities message.

This is the trailer for the film I shot in 2015 with Gavin Irvine from Boogie Films who was Directing and Producing. It's a great example of what can be achieved with energy and determination but with very little money. It was Shot on location with my BMCC and with minimal extra lighting . The full film is available upon request.

I shot this promo for Sleepeezee beds working alongside Rob Walker at Orbital Vision. We shot large parts of the film in a factory with low level mixed lighting that included fluorescent strips !

As you can see the Blackmagic Ursa mini Pro coped brilliantly even when we where shooting at frame rates of 80 frames per second. 

If you consistently use the discipline of a proper broadcast colour chart, then tricky mixed lighting situations are no longer a problem.

Here is an example chosen from the many different live and recorded music performances that ive shot over the years. Ive lost track of how many ive done for various clients ( MTV, Disney, ITV and others ) but this one sticks in my mind. I didn't have much of an opinion about Placebo before shooting this live streaming Youtube event, but by the end of a long day rehearsing and then shooting, I gradually fell in love with their unique sound.

These are three adverts that I shot for IG Group at the Harlequins Rugby Club. Notable mostly because I got the call to shoot these at 6pm on the night before, with no brief and very little information about what was needed or wanted. I had to share the very small room with the stills photographer and adapt his lighting set up to create these shots. Oh and I had just 2 minutes with each player. A perfect example of  why you spend the money on hiring a good lighting cameraman & not a cheap one.

This was a shoot I worked on for Twenty Twenty TV and the BBC, shot on location in China Town in London. It was a long and busy day with plenty of last minute changes of plan , especially when the heavens opened in the middle of the afternoon !

The upside of course was that I got to try some amazing Chinese food !

Ive been  part of the crew on many events that are shown around the world, and the Tennis at the Rio Olympics 2016 on the centre court, is definitely up there as one of the most memorable. Having been part of two Olympics, a Football World Cup (Brazil 2014), Commonwealth Games, State events like the Queens Jubilee, and regular Wimbledon Tennis Championships, I have seen and experienced things most people never get to see, and I always feel genuinely lucky to have done so.

These are a couple of food shows that I worked on as Camera Supervisor, back in the early days of my freelance career. Both are now sadly not on our televisions, but as you watch them you'll see that cooking shows today owe a lot to these two, not only because of how their formats have been adapted and re-used, but also as they gave a number of well known food presenters and cooks, their first exposure on TV.

A WORD OF WARNING: these were shot and archived before HDTV was available and 4k was still just a short distance race, so the quality of the pictures is....ahem..... a little "vintage"